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Next round of idea review begins fall 2022

Check out our Fall 2021 kickoff event recording to:

  • Learn what has changed with Varsity Venture Studio since last year

  • Hear from those previously selected on what working with the Varsity team is like

  • Get examples of tools you'll use to test your idea with the team

Varsity Venture Studio Timeline



Idea submissions + review



Explore and refine ideas
10-20 total ideas selected



Prepare for Sprint Week
Top 2-3 ideas advance

Varsity Venture Studio, a UW-Madison-wide venture studio, turns ideas into funded software businesses.

(you don’t have to be a software developer, or even know one!)

Whether you have a solution to a customer problem, research challenge, or industry inefficiency, Varsity Venture Studio can help transform big ideas into real companies.

Submitting an idea to Varsity provides a view into how venture capitalists evaluate ideas and how business models are built and tested. Varsity will assess, downselect, and refine ideas through a structured venture building process, ultimately leading to the launch of at least one funded company.

There is no cost to participate, and we welcome ideas from anyone in the University of Wisconsin-Madison community.

We are not accepting ideas at this time.

There is no cost to participate, and we welcome ideas from anyone in the University of Wisconsin - Madison community.

Be on the lookout for one of several upcoming virtual idea-sharing sessions we will be hosting with different campus-based organizations, departments, and teams.

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Two startups have been launched out of Varsity Venture Studio

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